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Anushka Athique, Jens Haendeler and Alex Ioannou of landscape research design collective PNEVMA, have carried out a series of field trips from London to Calais. They have observed the migrant camp in Calais through the lens of landscape by conducting informal interviews with migrants and aid workers, gathering photographic documentation and studying the camp’s socio-spatial flows. By mapping the employment of weaponised landscape interventions their research exposes the reproduction of the neo-colonial narrative of the racial other.

Living River Wall Feature Image

‘INTERTIDAL LIVING RIVER WALLS’: mitigating the effects of urbanization in London

PROJECT IN PROGRESS                                  Jens Ruben Haendeler and Alex John Ioannou have been…

REALISING SIGNIFICANCE IN A ‘DEAD ZONE’: a unifying investigatory study and a propelling design workshop in a divided island

PROJECT IN THE BOOKS                      The UN Buffer Zone is a human creation with a ‘complex system’ of elements….

‘A CONVERSATION ABOUT EVERYDAY SPACE’: with Deptford as a case study

PROJECT IN PROGRESS                          ‘A Conversation About Everyday Space’ aims to look at ‘everyday space’ through the…

LE:NOTRE INSTITUTE: ‘the akamas landscape between science and myth’

COMPETITION                                                As a collaborative pitch…