REALISING SIGNIFICANCE IN A ‘DEAD ZONE’: A Unifying Investigatory Study and a Propelling Design Workshop in a Divided Island

PROJECT IN THE BOOKS  The UN Buffer Zone is a human creation with a ‘complex system’ of elements. The workshop will try to understand the historical events which were responsible for the construction of a long narrative of division on the landscape which has led to recorded separation on maps and to poignant collective perspectives

LE:NOTRE INSTITUTE: ‘The Akamas Landscape Between Science and Myth’

COMPETITION  As a collaborative pitch PNEVMA, along with the ecological expertise of  Louise Ioannou, entered the LE:NOTRE Student Competition 2016. The intervention, ‘Landscape of Constellations’, intended to make existing and ongoing narratives, within both the landscape and the sky-scape, intelligible. Through the inclusion of minimal elements of design form, along the transect, an interpretation is