Report / Weaponised Landscapes: Mapping the Calais 'Jungle'

Haendeler, Jens, Alex Ioannou, and Anushka Athique. “Weaponised Landscapes: Mapping the Calais ‘Jungle.’” Edited by Ed Wall and Alex Malaescu. Testing Ground, no. 2 (2019): 16–23.

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This article traces the socio-spatial transformation of the landscape in which the Calais ‘Jungle’ sat. Through mapping the endo- and exogenic forces that shaped the landscape of the now-demolished migrant-constructed urbanity we aim to expose the imaginaries and ideologies that have informed the trajectory of the site along three significant stages: the formation of the camp as an extraterritorial refuge; the weaponisation of landscape as an instrument of production and reproduction of existing power relations; and finally, its demolition and ongoing redevelopment into a ‘renaturalised’ protected coastline area.

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