liminal spaces – landscapes of embodied religion

The project hopes to explore the connection between the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way and the landscape it’s pilgrims walk.

The North Wales Pilgrim’s Way/Taith Pererin Gogledd Cymru begins in Basingwerk and ends on Bardsey Island. It is a walking route of over 130 miles across the length of North Wales which dates back to the Middle Ages.

A pilgrimage is a walk with an extra dimension. Engaging with the challenges of the terrain and the weather, everyday preoccupations are swept away and the pilgrim is caught up in the bigger picture. Perspectives change, priorities reassessed.1

A ‘landscape approach’ holds in tension and blurs the boundaries between the static and the dynamic, between imagination and lived experience, between subjectivity and objectivity, between the self and the transcendent. It combines nature, culture, process and form, land and life. It accommodates exploration of the ‘bigger picture’ of spiritual cultures and how these relate to the tangible material world, which is affirmed in the Christian religious beliefs and practices…2

2 Maddrell, A., della Dora, V., Scafi, A. and Walton, H.  (2014) Christian Pilgrimage, Landscape, and Heritage: Journeying to the Sacred. Series: Routledge studies in religion, travel and tourism. Routledge: New York. ISBN 9780415843980