FCPS*: Fish, Chips & Public Space


FCPS* examines the spatiality of fish in Deptford, revealing the reciprocal nature of the city, and proposes a series of urban interventions that lead to a portion of Fish & Chips near Deptford Creek, encouraging the reproduction and re-imagining of social space. The journey starts with a newspaper mapping the way to a portion of fish & chips. The design borrows momentum from existing cultural events and socio-spatial flows across Deptford. During the Deptford X event, residents and visitors buy fresh fish from Deptford’s fishmongers and pick potatoes, grown by the citizens, and have it all prepared near the creek. Along the journey a number of urban interventions challenge the perception of the city – an urban stile bridging a brick wall challenges built boundaries, while free moving seats along a wall covered in graffiti embrace free speech and encourages the production of social space. At the end of the journey citizens are invited to occupy the Creekside, reconnecting the river with the High Street and promoting debate while enjoying a globally sourced and locally prepared portion of fish’n’chips.