DIRTY REALITY: Historicality – Spatiality – Sociality – Pause


Opportunities are created for the people of Deptford to ‘step out’ and contemplate the ‘urban text’ in which they live; to become ‘voyeurs’. To have ‘Pauses’ where they can identify, observe and experience the trialecticts, the ‘Dirty Reality’, that exists around them. Where they can gain a greater sense of communion between person and place.

The sites chosen are natural ‘pauses’ within the urban construct, they are the everyday spaces, the everyday nobodies of our cities’ landscape… they are like the underbelly characters of Dirty Realism literature fiction. They are to be places which allow exchanges and transitions. Where a perspective of a ‘voyeur’ can be had.

The sites are to become spaces, realms where constant states of contestation and negotiation occur. Where the people of Deptford can step out of being immersed in the every day urban text, they write, and gain a new perspective.

The ambition of this project is to investigate a different style to display and present the work of a Landscape Architect. It is an exploration into how a project can represent more than just the final product, but rather be an expression of the eidetic process, and theoretical development, of a designer’s work and thinking. It is hoped that it stimulates discussion.