PNEVMA is a transdisciplinary landscape research and design collective that engages landscape architecture as the process of inquiring into the histories and meanings of places, and from which interventions and transformations arise. Our aim is to explore and reveal beings’ relationships with landscape through an unconfined set of collaborative and transdisciplinary tools, reaching beyond the boundaries of landscape architectural practice and academia in an attempt to de-colonize landscape practice in theory and praxis and posit it as a site of radical transformation. As a research collective we unpack existing ecologies through spatial and intellectual inquiries; we are driven by a passion to establish friendships and to change the world together through listening, seeing and acting. As a design practice we operate at the intersections of the arts, place-making and architectural practice to project trajectories of common futures.

We see ourselves as a transient studio operating across various geographies and contexts. Always rooted within a specific locale’s context we approach spaces with humbleness as we understand our own limitations.

Since we see ourselves as a collective, working within unstable frameworks and ephemeral structures, we follow a strictly collaborative approach in which we come together as studios to debate, discuss, research and design. The collective has been co-founded by Alex Ioannou and Jens Haendeler but relies on and involves many others from different backgrounds and specialties, which makes us more diverse, collaborative and productive. Our team includes landscape architects, urban designers, architects, filmmakers, researchers, artists, editors and writers.

Our members are accredited with the Scientific Technical Chamber of Cyprus, and the Chamber of Architects in Germany, (AKNW).

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