TESTING_GROUND: Issue 02 Launch Event

JOURNAL  Jens Haendeler and Alex Ioannou have been guest editors and contributors of the forthcoming TESTING-GROUND journal issue 02: Other Sides. The second issue of TESTING-GROUND journal will be launched on Thursday 27 June at the University of Greenwich as part of the London Festival of Architecture.  To find out more details about the event follow the link

360 NICOSIA: A new generation of building

To the north, the Kyrenia mountain range rises behind Lefkosia, as if a mass of cloud will soon envelop the capital. However, there is a lonely, slightly precarious, object in its path. 360 Nicosia – soon to be Lefkosia’s tallest building. Standing proud, it boasts 34 large floors and unobstructed views of Cyprus’s mountain ranges


In a podcast with Leopold Lambert, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos talked about the idea that the law is always present in a space to a matter of degree. “There are some environments where the law is absolutely thick, the presence of the law is so dense,like the court room as you probably know… In English courts you

TESTING_GROUND: Issue 02 Other Sides

JOURNAL  Jens Haendeler and Alex Ioannou will be guest editors of the forthcoming TESTING-GROUND journal issue 02: Other Sides TESTING-GROUND: journal of landscapes, cities and territories, published at the University of Greenwich, is open for contributions for its second issue, Other Sides. ‘What resides on the other side can cause fear, concern, intrigue, delight and fascination. Neighbouring and